Goshen Chess for Scholastic Success


2017-2018 Chess for Scholastic Success (CFSS) Program

We are excited to begin another year of learning, teaching, and enjoying chess in the Goshen schools. The GMS club will beging meeting on September 20. The elementary clubs will begin meeting the week of October 23, and all clubs will continue to meet until spring break. The cost is $15 per student (scholarships are available), plus an optional $10 for a T-shirt (new design this year).

For details, click on the name of the program you are interested in. To enroll, you may follow the directions on the flier, or you may enroll online with a credit card or PayPal.

On days when there is no school - vacation days, snow days, etc. - there will be no club meetings.


If you have any questions about Goshen clubs or local tournaments, or want to help in any capacity, please contact Joe Riegsecker at joepye@pobox.com or 574-533-9218.

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